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Customising Scrivo

Scrivo's versatile plug-in architecture makes it the primary choice for delivery of bespoke reporting to your customers. Here are just some of the ways in which Scrivo can be adapted to your own particular requirements:

Data retrieval

In an ideal world all corporate data sources are easily accessible to business reporting and adaptible to its needs. We at Firbeck know that this ideal world often doesn't exist. Scrivo's ReportDataSet plug-in architecture helps you to work with allyour data, no matter what format you use.

We've worked with existing customers to enable access to diverse data sources, including:

  • Relation databases (Oracle, DB2, Sql Server, Access)
  • Custom XML formats
  • Proprietary 'recordset' formats
  • Hierarchical BLOB/CLOB data formats
  • .NET Datasets
  • Excel workbooks
  • Delimited files

If your data source has a well-defined format or an API, Scrivo can work with it.


Not all data types are equal in the reporting world. Most reporting software can show text, data items and images. Scrivo enables you to go further, using the Painter plug-in architecture to enable rendering and embedding of your specialised data types into your generated reports.

Your Scrivo reports can incorporate and embed (for example) images, documents, chemical formulae, chemical structures and reactions into your Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint output files. Fine control of the rendering of objects gives your business reports exactly the content you need.


Scripted report items allow you easy programmatic control inside a report template, with no need for any compilation or assembly deployment - it's all in the report template. Each script has full access to the data, and can be as simple as a bespoke format, or as complex as a full rendering.

Working in conjunction with our Painter plug-in architecture these report item scripts can be written in the following languages:

  • C#
  • Visual Basic
  • Iron Python

The flexibility provided by scripted items helps you to achieve reporting aims beyond Scrivo's powerful core interface. You can provide custom rendering cababilities, group and accumulate data values, build in further esoteric data types - the list is as long as your imagination.

Output formats

Scrivo's standard output formats include Print, Print Preview, Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint. In addition it is capable of outputting flat-format data to Microsoft Excel and delimited files. It doesn't stop there, though. Using Scrivo's OutputWriter plug-in architecture we can add additional output formats to your specification. Need to save your data in VML? Scrivo can help.