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Generating reports

Scrivo generates reports by combining layout and content instructions in a report template with data from a data source.

The report template describes the layout and content of the report:

  • Identifies the data items to include
  • Establishes collections of data items to report together as a group
  • Specifies formatting such as fonts, colours and alignments
  • Sets up page break conditions
  • Establishes header and footer content
  • Identifies items for a table of contents, if required

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Template designer

The Scrivo report engine merges the data into the report template to produce a report:

Scrivo report

  • Produces a header and footer on each page
  • Processes each group of data items, rendering the data into the report until it is exhausted
  • Checks for page breaks, either automatic, when the page is full, or required, according to the report template settings
  • Embeds objects for specialised data types where appropriate
  • Ensures that groups of data items marked for 'keep together' always appear on the same page
  • Generates a table of contents, with live links within the generated report

Scrivo's output formats include Print, Print Preview, Adobe Acrobat (PDF), Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint.